We as easyITSM believe in  best-of-breed point solutions, and are continuous looking for that solution that excels in a certain area, relevant to our total offering.

Service Management: ITRP.

ITRP, or Information Technology Resource Planning, is an intuitive cloud solution for your Service Management organization. It supports all core IT Service Management processes and is implemented out-of-the-box. With ITRP, you have a solution at hand providing you all the management information you need to govern IT Service Organization, including the vendors you cooperate with.

For ITRP, we have created the iPhone App.

Enterprise IT Asset Intelligence® : InControl Technology.

InControl Technology is a very efficient discovery solution for the total IT infrastructure connected to the network of your organization.  The information at hand will give you insight in, amongst others, license utilization, load and energy utilization and a total insight of all networked devices.