ITRP Serving All Size of Businesses

Gartner’s latest research note on the IT service desk vendor landscape for SMBs provides a useful overview of today’s popular service desk solutions. ITRP is included as one of the solutions worth considering for midsize businesses because of its costs and low level of complexity.Even though ITRP offers some advanced service level management features that were created for large enterprises and their external service providers, ITRP is so easy to set up that it has become an attractive alternative for medium-sized businesses.
Leyrer + Graf logoTo get an idea of what it takes to implement ITRP within a midsize business, you can review the story of Leyrer + Graf. They successfully completed their migration to ITRP a few months ago.

The report referenced at the top of this blog post is called IT Service Desk Vendor Landscape for SMBs, which was published by Gartner on October 23rd, 2013. A Gartner subscription is required to access this research.

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