easyITSM implements ITRP in three steps: Configuration, Training and Production.The exact duration of these stages depends on the number of users that needs to be trained and the complexity of your Service Management organization. First, we will analyze your IT organization, giving you the exact time of the implementation as a result. After your approval, we will deliver.

1. Configuration

ITRP will be implemented out-of-the-box. We will import all relevant data of your IT organization and IT infrastructure into ITRP, such as Configuration Items and Service Level Agreements. After that, the data will be validated with representatives of your organization and adjusted where needed.

2. Training

We will train the users of ITRP with your own data in the system. As ITRP is so intuitive to use, a one day training is sufficient. Besides that, the online documentation is available for you to use as a reference.

3. Production

Once the data is validated, and the users are trained, ITRP is ready for production. After go-live, easyITSM will deliver a week of Early Life Support, in which we will monitor usage and performance, as well act as a Single Point of Contact for the user community. Besides that, should you have or need  interfaces with ITRP, we will be taking care of those as well.