Forrester released a report on The State Of IT Service Management In 2012, a study they conducted together with itSMF USA. We were pleased to see that ITRP was already recognized as an exciting emerging player.

Forrester logoOne of the interesting findings of the report was specific about Software-as-a-Service. Forrester notes: “The simplicity of the pricing models and the time-to-value of SaaS have proven attractive to enterprises.”


We experience the same when organizations contact us or our partners to ask about our pricing model.Interestingly, most experienced software buyers seem genuinely surprised that there are no hidden costs. There are no set-up fees, no extra charges for Self Service, and no minimum number of users. And daily backups, disaster recovery, security patching and upgrades are all included.

Such a straightforward pricing model is apparently still exceptional. A┬ápurchasing agent recently asked me to provide the pricing information in a spreadsheet. This is still common for on-premise software and some of the older SaaS vendors. For ITRP it was a really small spreadsheet…

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